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AVGAS  is an aviation fuel used in small piston engine powered aircraft, predominantly used by private pilots, recreational activities, and flying clubs. Piston engines have a much higher performance requirement, which is fulfilled by high-quality AV gas due to its ability to adapt to different temperatures and pressures, its low lead content, and superior anti-knock characteristics. Piston engine aircraft depend on top-grade AVGAS  100LL for safe and infallible operations even in the most critical applications.

Neptune Energy Trading is fully equipped to supply highest quality of AVGAS 100 LL via our extensive network of fuel suppliers worldwide. Sourced from various refineries in the USA, South Korea and Europe, AVGAS arrives in ISO tanks and drums and is delivered in dry containers. We maintain a stringent quality check throughout the manufacturing, transport, and storage processes to ensure that you receive the highest quality fuel, meeting the required optimal characteristics. We strive to surpass stringent international standards for aviation gasoline production, in order to ensure flight safety and long shelf life. To this end, we have delivered aviation fuel to numerous airfields, military and public services, independent distributors, NGO’s and government entities, flying clubs, and fixed-base operators.