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Fuel oil is a distillate fuel used for a wide range of applications, including the generation of power in some engines or generators or in a furnace or boiler for heat generation. Neptune Energy trading has years of experience delivering commercial, agriculture, and domestic fuel oil to homes and businesses across major international markets. We offer our customers top-grade sulfur-free fuel oils, designed to offer reliable and efficient performance in the most demanding and challenging conditions. We offer cost-effective and reliable delivery plans and are proud to have built a business reputation founded on excellent customer service.

We offer two kinds of fuel oil:


Light fuel oil is most commonly used to heat homes as well as industrial buildings, in addition to powering off-road vehicles, e.g. harvesters and other farm equipment and vehicles used in mines and other industries. Light fuel oil is also used for bunkering ships.


Heavy fuel oils are developed to cater to industrial heating and heating plants, as well as for heating greenhouses. Different grades of heavy fuel oils are developed, based on the unique needs of the customer. This variety is developed for demanding arctic conditions.