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The LNG industry is only moving in one direction – forward. Global LNG bunkering demand is projected to rise. Neptune Energy trading aims to offer flexible and efficient solutions to meet the continuously growing demand for liquefied natural gas. Our LNG business supports customers with strategically deployable assets offering modularity, flexibility, and cost benefits.

Our experienced in LNG industry ,access to liquefaction plants, and sourcing third-party LNG, we have the capability to deliver hundreds of LNG cargoes to major international markets. With years of trading expertise under our belts, we provide wholesale market access to project developers and upstream producers, in addition to successfully supplying downstream customers such as financial investors, governments, industrial concerns, and utilities. All our transactions are backed by the reassurance of delivering on specification and on time, as well as necessary risk management. We are intuitively responsive to the supply and demand dynamics of our customers’ needs and aim to match the best price.